About the Mobilize Recovery Across America Tour

There are over 23 million Americans who live in long-term recovery in the United States. When given support—without shame or judgment—we know empirically that people do get better, and that people do recover.

The Mobilize Recovery 2022 bus traveled 10,403 miles—passing over 25 states + the District of Columbia—and hosted over 35 organizing events throughout September 2022. By the end of the tour, it was covered with thousands of messages and names that represent an extraordinary amount of hope. The Mobilize Recovery bus wasn’t just about hope, it was about action.

Together as we crossed the country, we distributed over 11,000 fentanyl test strips, 10,000 free overdose response kits with naloxone, registered new recovery voters, hosted organizing trainings, public narrative trainings, and new ways for the recovery community to engage. In just under one month, our message reached over 1 million Americans through Facebook and iHeart.

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