Our 2024 Action Model

Bringing together a diverse cross-sector cohort of advocates, allies, and stakeholders to drive measurable, sustainable, and action-oriented solutions that create resilient communities of recovery.

Bringing Together Creators and Doers

Now in its sixth year, Mobilize Recovery 2024 will bring together recovery advocates, NGOs, allies, business leaders and brands, government partners, and like-minded community-based organizations with an interest in creating sustainable change and community solutions.

Develop Measurable Goals & Drive Community-Based Action & Partnerships

Through peer learning, partnerships, and technical support, we will work with Mobilizers to develop action-oriented goals that can be measured and scaled. We believe in the power of a bottom-up approach that supports advocates, creators, and communities on the front lines.

Support Ongoing Efforts to Turn Goals Into Action

We will mobilize partnership support and education to help uplift, measure, scale, and sustain the work of our Mobilizers heading into 2025.